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26th PORTUGAL WEEK 2013 at Downsview Park

June 16, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – June 17, 2013 @ 2:30 am
Downsview Park
416-952-2222 or 416-536-5961

2-6. Folklore Festival. “Raizes do Nosso Povo” (Roots of our People).

3pm Sol e Toiros presents Portuguese Rodeo (two bull fights $30-$60). 411pm Marching bands, and musical performances. 10:00pm Amor Electro from Portugal.


For the Portuguese Bull Fight: http://www.soletoiros.ca/Gallery/ViewMedia/tabid/62/SelectedModuleid/391/ItemID/283/rtabid/40/Default.aspx


  1. DO NOT BRING THIS SHIT TO TORONTO!!! It is killing an animal in front of an audience for $ to boot! Discusting practice bull fighting is.

  2. Do not bring this barbarism to Canada. These animals deserve respect not to be tortured and taunted! No bullfighting or bull chasing in Canada!!!!

  3. Family entertainment should never be about antagonizing or exploiting animals. They exist for their own reasons not to be used as slaves for profiteers and exploitation. Children should be taught respect for all living beings.

    End this needless bizarre form of entertainment NOW!!!

  4. it’s june 17th so probably this is too late but i seriously hope this barbarism was cancelled.

    what next, “culturally appropriate” dogfights?

    okay, great, celebrate culture and all that – but observe the laws and customs of your HOME COUNTRY, not the medieval practices of the country you or your ancestors didn’t think was good enough to stay in!

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