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Carabram 2014

July 11, 2014 @ 7:00 pm

$12 for three day passport to pavilions of 12 different countries in 12 different locations in Brampton. Shows at different times. Starts Friday evening about 7 to 11pm, and continues Saturday about 1 to 11pm, and Sunday 1 to 6pm

Canada will have a “kiss the cod” ceremony and Iroquois Smoke dance, and Africa will showcase its diversity. The Philippines will show its own various festivals, have cooking demonstrations and a fashion show. The Macedonians will display its food and wine, present its beautiful costumes and teach the Oro dance. The Irish will serve fish and chips, an all-day Irish breakfast, and Irish entertainers. In addition, there will be Bulgarian, Caribbean, Eelam, Hawaiian, Indian, Pakistani and Ukrainian pavillions. Visit your favourite country.


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