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Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year festival is also known as the Spring Festival in China. It is the most important Chinese holiday. The dates are also celebrated in Vietnam (as Tet or Lunar New Year), Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, etc.

In 2015, this is the first day of the Year of the Ram or Goat or Sheep. Each year is dominated by a different animal, a 12 year cycle.

The Lunar New Year  in many countries is celebrated for three days, in some places more. Traditionally, the New Year activities end on the 15th day with the Lantern Festival. This is on March 5 this year.

This is a time for visits with family and friends, banqueting and new clothes, and paying off debts. Lions and dragons dance in many Chinese restaurants and in Toronto’s several Chinatowns. They bring good luck. Celebrants can watch free cultural performances in many Chinese malls. The biggest mall is Pacific Mall, 4300 Steeles Avenue East, Markham.

Other Chinese areas are Gerrard and Broadview, Mississauga Chinatown (Dundas Street west of Dixie Road), and Spadina and Dundas downtown. Richmond Hill and Markham seem to have almost wall-to-wall Chinese malls. They are all open for business and entertainment.

Keep following our Calendar for more events.

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For finding your Chinese astrological sign according to your year of birth: http://www.astrology.com/chinese-astrology

For list of Chinese New Year events in Markham (some free): http://www.guidingstar.ca/Chinese_New_Year_Celebrations.

Pacific Mall events starting Feb.14. http://www.pacificmalltoronto.com/#!__deal-of-the-month\
Market Village events Feb. 20-22: www.cnycelebrations.com
First Markham Place events: http://www.firstmarkhamplace.com/ (to be updated)

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