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Chinese Railroad Workers Commemoration 2014

July 1, 2014 @ 10:30 am
Karen Sun

17,000 workers from Guangdong province in China built the western part of the trans-Canada railway in the 1880s and yet, pictures of their participation at the end are non-existent. Recognition did not come until later even though 4,000 lost their lives in the attempt due to unsafe working conditions, landslides and premature blastings.

The Foundation to Commemorate the  Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada will be conducting their annual wreath-laying ceremony to celebrate Canada Day and pay tribute to these Chinese pioneers who helped to unite Canada from coast to coast, both politically and geographically. Everyone welcome.

Location: Chinese Railroad Memorial Monument in the Northern Linear park on Blue Jays Way, west of Rogers Centre, East of Spadina Ave., south of Front Street. http://www.mhso.ca/tiesthatbind/


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