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May is Asian Heritage Month.

May 1, 2013 – May 2, 2013 all-day

  In May 2002, the Government of Canada signed an official declaration to designate May as Asian Heritage Month. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/multiculturalism/asian/declaration.asp.

Our amazing Public Library has over three dozen events this month related to Asia. Some are only an hour long, some all day. Some are for adults and some are aimed at children and they are all free. They include introductions to dim sum, sushi, and Burmese food. You can learn about belly dancing, the hula and tai chi. There’s Georgian, Chinese, Balinese, and Filipino dance and/or music. It has workshops on henna hand decorating and on cooking. Paul Ng will tell you about Feng-shui (geomancy) and how the placement of your furniture affects your love-life. You can meet Asian authors like Jan Wong who will be discussing Michel Cormier’s book, The Legacy of Tienanmen Square. Here’s a chance to hear Harlequin writer Vicki Essex.

We can only list a few of these on our calendar, so go through the list on: http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/search.jsp?Ntt=Asian+Heritage+Month

 For other events: http://www.vmacch.ca/Events/VMACCH_2013/Asian%20Heritage%20Month%20Events%20in%20May%202013.pdf


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