St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church & Museum

September 8, 2013 @ 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church
41 Glendinning Avenue
Toronto, ON M1W 3E2
Free but donations appreciated



Fundraising weekend for the families who lost their homes and churches that were destroyed during the recent events in Egypt. Tour of St. Mark’s historic Church from the Museum included!


 The Museum will be launching its recently acquired stamp collection featuring:


(1)The history of Egypt’s postal system from the very first stamp that was issued in 1866 to 1953; and


(2)a selection of stunning gold leaf stamps from a Collector’s Catalogue of stamps issued at the British Museum’s “Treasures of Tutankhmun” 1972 exhibition. Each stamp is expertly engraved with one of King Tut’s “treasurers”.


  Also on the grounds of St. Mark’s Church throughout the weekend:


On sale: Middle Eastern food and fruit juices all day courtesy of St. Martha’ Kitchen volunteers. Map:




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