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791. November 1-9 Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

 People who identify as visible minorities are now a majority in Toronto. 51.5%. The Toronto Star pointed this out last week following the release

759. May 23 to the End of May and Beyond – 2017

A visit from one of Tibet’s main religious leaders. An opportunity to take selfies with GTA residents in heritage costumes from 20 different countries

754. Multicultural Toronto – May, 2017

Wow!  Spring really is here. Festivals and trees are blossoming all over the GTA. This first week of May and the rest of the

702. November 14-20 Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2016

Here are some free or almost-free events to amuse or educate you in our diverse city. Celts. Celtic Studies Speakers Series present “The Invisible

This is another one of my favourite annual Toronto festivals because the city blossoms out in many colours and we non-Sikhs have an opportunity

460. This Weekend’s Sikh Khalsa Parades – 2015

Ruth writes: Last Sunday the Khalsa parade was due to start from the CNE at 1pm. It arrived at Toronto’s City Hall at 3:30pm.

473. Toronto’s Khalsa Day 2014 a Report

Ruth writes: It was a little chilly but it was a beautiful day. For the most part, the sun was shining. Last Sunday, tens

259. Sikh Khalsa Day Report

  The Khalsa Day event was fantastic as usual. The Sikhs are so well organized. At the CNE, volunteers served great vegetarian food to

  Free Israeli, British, Roma, Bulgarian, Burmese, Buddhist, & Sikh events are on this weekend. In addition there’s International Dance Day and the documentary