20. Advice for Myanmar

Bessie Terzi (left) at the Asian Potluck. Image©Ruth Lor Malloy 2010

Somebody does have to pay for those free or almost free events available for us to enjoy.

The Myanmar Cultural Association of Brampton (MCAB) is having a benefit dinner this weekend so it can show you Burmese culture next year.

We spend about $10 to $13K to take part in Carabram for three days,” wrote Bessie Terzi. I first met her last July at the Carabram festival in Brampton. It’s an event I highly recommend. It charges a mere $12 for three days of interesting fun with many different cultural groups.

We were not qualified before for a government grant because we were new,” Bessie explained. “MCAB is in its 5th year so I think we can apply now, but I have no one to help me. I basically run the whole show all the time.  I am the major sponsor of our events.” 

 What efforts has she made to get government funding? “None as yet,” she says. “I’m still researching where to apply… We have a few sponsors and we used to get about $3000, but it’s dwindling and this year we only had $2000. The Mayor’s fund gives us $2000 and I have to attend Bingo nights to get our cut from the Carabram fund.”

This year’s Myanmar Heritage Night Exclusive Dinner is on Saturday, November 27. There will be performances, an exchange of experiences among people who have been to Myanmar, a short documentary, and social dancing after dinner. “Seating is limited so please order your tickets as soon as possible,” she says.

The price per ticket is $30 for adults and $15 for children, ages 11 to 17. The benefit is at 6.30 pm at the Greenbriar Recreation Centre, 1100 Central Park Drive, Brampton, L6S 1A1. The major intersection is Highway #7 between Bramalea Road and Tobram Road on Central Park Drive.

For more information and suggestions on funding, telephone Bessie at 905-799-5739 or Pat Mya at 905-791-9814. You can also “Leave a Comment” below.

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