32. Christmas December 25

For those new to Canada and Christianity, Christmas was originally and primarily a religious day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Churches and followers still display scenes of the baby Jesus, the shepherds and wise men or kings who visited him, his mother Mary and father Joseph.

Many now consider this day only as a time for parties and gift giving to close friends, a decorated evergreen tree, and special music and songs. It is a day of family feasting, especially on turkey. For stores, the days prior to Christmas are the busiest time of the year. Christmas music is played. In the shopping malls, many children visit an actor playing Santa Claus to tell him what gifts they want. Taking a picture on Santa’s knee is part of the event.

On Christmas eve, many small children believe Santa brings gifts down a chimney into their homes. People decorate their homes with lights, and symbols of winter and the holiday.

 Jesus taught love, peace and forgiveness. Christmas is a time also of giving to less fortunate families around the world. Stores, banks, schools, and offices are closed.

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