51. Japanese New Year


Lion Dancer Image by Anne Winter

Anne Winter wrote about last weekend’s Japanese festival. The Japanese New Year is actually January 1 but a group of Japanese organizations decided to 
celebrate at a less busy time, January 23, at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. 

It was a wonderful day. At a shrine you could leave lucky money, ring a bell, and do the Buddhist clapping prayer. On a special Buddhist stick you could write a wish to be sent to Japan for a ritual burning for good luck.  You could watch the pounding of the mochi, a rice mulch which is made into sweets.  Of course they gave all of us mochi to eat.  We saw many traditional dances and heard traditional musical instruments. It was a wonderful festive atmosphere.   

I’ve been to many Japanese events but this was the best traditional one I have seen so far.


  1. In the late afternoon, there was Hawaiian music and dance performances and a martial arts performance using a long knife. I have pictures. Would you like me to post these?

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