84.Swiss Parade

Anyone interested in getting up early this coming Saturday to see “Morgestraich”, the Swiss carnival parade? A 2009 account with pictures is on the web-site: http://spacingtoronto.ca/2009/03/17/swiss-carnival-in-toronto.

People start gathering at 6am at The Musket Restaurant at 40 Advance Road in Etobicoke. Tel. 416-231-6488. There could be two parades, one at 7am and one later, said the person who answered the phone at the restaurant. It might seem early, but in Switzerland, the parade starts at 4am. Participants will be dressed up in robes and some will be sporting paper mache masks. The restaurant is expected to serve traditional fasnacht cookies, flour soup, and cheese pie, made especially for the occasion. The parade has been an annual Toronto event since 1976.

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