86. Iranian Fire Festival

Who are those people who jump over fire? a friend asked my husband. He had seen them in a Toronto park.

We had to shake our heads until we discovered that Iranians celebrate their fire festival chahrshanbeh-soori by doing just that. It’s this coming week. I’ll tell you more about it if I go.

We found information on the webite: http://events.kodoom.com/en/toronto-canada/fire-festival-chaharshanbeh-soori/58807/e/. It is happening on Tuesday, Mar. 15, from noon to 10pm.

We also found a telephone number 647-704-1566. The person who answered said the fire would only be at the Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park at 1300 Elgin Mills Rd E., Richmond Hill. There will be dancing, music and food also at Mel Lastman Square but the City won’t allow bonfires there.

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