90. Indian Festival of Holi

Sat. Mar. 19 is the Indian festival of Holi, Gaura Purnima. In India we had to be careful what we wore. Even strangers would come along and throw coloured water and powder on us. In Toronto, I haven’t found any place where this happens and the Hare Krishna Temple says it’s too hard to clean up so they ask people not to bring colours.

It is a religious festival and Hindu temples will be lively. It celebrates the appearance in India of an incarnation of Lord Krishna in 1486. At the Hare Krishna Temple, festivities start at 6pm and will include chanting, feasting, and dancing. The Hare Krishna Temple is at 243 Avenue Road. Tel. 416-922-5415. Rosedale subway station. http://iskcontoronto.blogspot.com/ .

At the more modest Hindu Prarthana Samaj at 62 Fern Avenue, festivities will also start at 6pm on March 19. Tel. 416-536-9229.

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