116. Chinese-Canadian Women 1923-1967

Cindy and John. Image courtesy Cindy Ko

A web-site launched in April this year tells about the lives of Chinese-Canadian women who lived between 1923 and 1967. On the site you can learn  how they contributed to their communities in spite of discriminatory attitudes and policies. It has over 1000 historical pictures and is a project of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario. It’s at http://www.mhso.ca/chinesecanadianwomen/en/ .

As one of the 33 people interviewed for this project, I was delighted to receive an inspiring email from a much younger Chinese-Canadian woman, Cindy Ko. The letter she refers to is in : http://www.mhso.ca/chinesecanadianwomen/en/donor.php?d=Lor%20Malloy,%20Ruth.

Cindy writes: I read your letter to your parents that you donated to the Chinese Canadian Women, 1923-1967 – MHSO website. I am speechless! .. The race relations issues you wrote about continue to exist today, albeit less overt depending on situations and places. However, to have the wisdom and courage to lead and stand up in the time period that you did was amazing!! I am 39. Canadian Chinese. I came to Canada from Hong Kong when I was 11. I am a nurse and graduated from U of T Masters Program and am currently working on my PhD… my focus is Reduce Health Disparity in minority and marginalized populations… so your letter really inspired me… My parents were traditional in many ways, yet they are open minded in some… fortunately the race of my partner has never been an issue, the only requirement is that he truly loves me and can “take care” of me… in my 20s – 30s, I have dated a few men and only 2 were Asian… my wonderful husband is 3/4 Dutch and 1/4 Chinese…his mother is blonde blonde blonde with blue eyes…his dad is half Chinese and half Dutch…

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