184. Multicultural Toronto October 1 weekend.

One dollar wagon rides, High Park Harvest Festival. Image©Ruth Lor Malloy 2011.

October 1 is China’s national day. Any excuse to eat Chinese food is a good one. Hop into a dim sum restaurant in any Chinatown. One dish of dim sum pastries is cheap.

The October 1 and 2 Festival of South Asian Literature and the Arts is free. It sounds interesting with readings, dance, music and seminars. It’s at the downtown U of T campus.

The World’s Biggest Bookstore on Saturday has a Japanese Reiki demo. It’s about Japanese healing. On both days, Paws Way at Harbourfront will be showing some breeds of cats from abroad. Not all cats look like Toronto cats. Here’s a chance to find out about some exotic varieties and how they differ from Toronto cats.

I’m aiming also for the Matzoh Ball-Making Competition at Caplansky’s Deli on College Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, there’s the High Park Harvest Festival, a Toronto tradition.

For details like times, locations, and web-sites, please visit my web-site: www.TorontoMulticulturalCalendar.com. Our Twitter and Blog can be accessed easily from this web-site. Please let me know if I’ve missed any interesting ethnic events.

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