194. Holocaust Education Week

Anne Frank, Holocaust Victim.

What does the Holocaust have to do with Multicultural Toronto?

A lot. Many of our citizens live in Toronto because of it.

Some of its concentration camp survivors will be talking about their experiences during Holocaust Education Week November 1 to 9. Here is an opportunity to hear first hand – what happened to some Jews who lived through this horrible experience that started only 70 years ago. They might not live here much longer.

We can learn from history if we take the trouble to find out about it. What happens when one group tries to eliminate another group? How were some people saved? Why didn’t more people help to stop the carnage? What has happened to those who killed them? Are there Nazi-war criminals now living in Toronto? Could these terrible murders and suffering happen again?

What about the Tutsi genocide? The Romas?

 During Torontos 31st Annual Holocaust Education Week, I counted 124 events in many different venues. If you want to learn about it, it would be best to see its web-site and make your own choices.  Please share what you found valuable. It’s at: www.holocausteducationweek.com .

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