220. How to Navigate This Renovated Blog

I hope you’ve noticed our renovations. They should make it easier to find your way around this Blog. As with all renovations, the talented Christina at envycreative.ca and I have had problems. I hope things will go smoothly from now on. Let us know if you have difficulty. My e-mail is: ruthlormalloy@gmail.com.

The renovations are still not complete but if you start from the top right, you can now “Search” for our coverage of a country’s cultural existence in Toronto. If you type in “Japan” or “Ethiopia” or “Madagascar” for example, you should get all the recent posts under that category.

Then, if you haven’t already, you and your friends can join us as subscribers in learning about Toronto’s marvellous multicultural opportunities. Just add your e-mails to: “Subscribe to Blog via Email” and click on “Subscribe.” We’ll let you know when there’s a new Post. We do not share our mailing list with anyone. No worry.

Then there’s a direct button on the left to our Twitter. It’s a bird. It has last minute reminders of events and even new ones. Sometimes, we receive information too late to post into either our Calender or Blog. We put it there. On the right is a link to Feedburner which keeps track of the number of visitors to our Blog.

Categories” is another word for Index. You can see our list there. We’ve only indexed a few of our recent posts so far. If you want to help us index the rest, we’re looking for volunteers. Under “Archives” you can see what we reported on last year. And then, there’s a list of some recent Tweets from our Twitter.com/TorontoMulticul .

We hope to post some ads in this column to help cover costs. With the help of Christina, we are also in the process of designing a logo. Do you have any suggestions?

Please keep sending us your reviews of events and informing us about more free or nearly free multicultural events in Toronto. Ruth.

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