227. Japanese Doll Exhibition February 26

Thanks to P. Anne Winter, we’ve learned about the opening of the Kimiko Koyanagi doll exhibit at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre to which all are invited. It’s an opportunity to meet the artist and her family.

Kimiko-san was born into the Muraoka Family Doll Makers in Japan but she has developed her own amazing style of that dying art. She came to Canada 40 years ago, and now finds inspiration in both Japan and Canada. About 40 dolls will be in the exhibition, of which half are hers.

 The exhibition will continue daily until April 3, 8:30am-10pm. It will be open during the Haru Matsuri spring festival March 3 and 4.  The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is at 6 Garamond Court, tel: 416.441.2345. For directions see: http://www.jccc.on.ca/contact/contact.htm . For information about the artist, see:

http://bit.ly/ymdYyL and http://bit.ly/7NgOqy .

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