371. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Bazaar May 4, 2013

Zoris from the Murikami booth. Copyright ©2013 P. Anne Winter.

Zoris from the Murikami booth. Copyright ©2013 P. Anne Winter.

P. Anne Winter writes: Every year I find I need to emphasize how popular this huge bazaar is. Do come early and bring family and friends. The entry is free and there will be all sorts of goodies for everyone to buy.

Folks line up around the block for over an hour beforehand so do get there in time to be near the front. Within the first half hour, seasoned buyers purchase many of the items leaving a very bare table for me to photograph.

Seasonal gardening tools and lawn accessories are in high demand as are the large choices of tableware by Noritake.

The Centre’s food court usually has special features. Everything is home made for this fundraiser. You can enjoy sweet rice with various fish pieces called chirashi. You can find lunch bento boxes and delicious desserts like flaky pastries and sweets like soft rice and bean paste called manju.

The silent auction adds excitement for all who wish to buy the treasures on display. The white elephant items always tap my curiosity.    

Japanese treasure their colourful kimono material and will often salvage it to make other articles such as change purses and in this case large bags.

Photo copyright ©2013 P. Anne Winter

Photo copyright ©2013 P. Anne Winter

 Please let us know if you find anything worthwhile to buy there.

 May 4. 12.30–4.00 pm. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre,

6 Garamond Court, Toronto. Tel. 416-441-2345 X 221






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