403. Details India Day Festival & Parade 2013

Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Panorama India sent us the program for its big India Day celebration this Saturday.
The following should help you plan your visit there. For parade route see: 
www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com. Ruth.


Panorama India
Cordially invite you to join us in celebrating


On Saturday, 10th August 2013 At 
Yonge & Dundas Square Toronto
Be a proud Indian and position yourself in the parade under the appropriate banner.
Encourage the Patriotic Songs singers, cultural Program artists and volunteers. 
Program starts at 10 AM with Patriotic songs and moves on until 8 PM
Program Highlights:
10.00 AM to 11.30 AM Patriotic songs rendered by the Panorama India Idol contest participants
11.45  AM to 12.30 AM Flag Hoisting and Release of Souvenir
12.30 PM  to    1.30 PM  Parade in down town
  1.30 PM   to   5.00 PM Cultural Program
  5.15 PM  to   6.30 PM Kuchupudi Dance by Renowned Artists  

  6.30 PM  to   8.00 PM Musical Extravaganza by Superhit “Parichay”,  

Patriotic Songs
Panorama India Idol contest  winners will render the heart warming and nostalgic Patriotic songs
The very best atmosphere and ambiance to listen to the patriotic songs.
This will stir your hearts and awaken your spirits that is INDIA.
A Must-listen event. Do not miss this. 
Flag Hoisting
VIPs arrive at 11.30 while performing Yeh Mere Watan Ki Logo Zara Aank me barlo paani….
Hon Preeti Saran Consul General of India will hoist the Indian National Flag at 11.45
while the National Anthem of India and Canada will be played on band followed by an address
Panorama India will release the Magazine for the year 2013-14

Parade Highlights
At 9 AM
Parade Registration and Assembly starts
Arrive on time and register your state/organization/cultural school.

At 10 AM Collect Banners. Mobilize your group and assemble behind your state banner at YDS

At 11.30
Every Registered group will be announced to move on to Yonge Street from YDS
While on the parade maintain distance Keep moving at slow pace.
Volunteers will help maintain the pace
Display your banner, Bring Placards, Perform Dance, Sing music, Showcase your organizations to the mainstream Canadians whilst on the move.
Bring Dhol, Percussion Instrument, Make noise and make your organizations presence felt in the parade.
Portable sound system allowed to play songs to dance during the Parade
Be visible for a media coverage
Rent a Rickshaw: Win a Fabulous Cash Prize.
Promoting Eco friendly Rickshaw
Limited Rickshaws with a Rickshaw-puller are available as a tool
to showcase and attract attention to your organization.
Decorate the Rickshaw with an appropriate theme to win a PRIZE
Best decorated Rickshaw which is Vibrant, Colorful with large gathering will be eligible for a Prize
First       Prize   $ 400
Second  Prize $  250
Third     Prize $  150

                 Rental cost  $ 150 only
Your chance of winning a prize could be 1 in 4.   

Recognize important members of your community and give them a ride in the rickshaw
It could be the, Best singer, Best Volunteer, Supportive Senior, Best Organizer, 
You could provide an exclusive photo opportunity for your community members to cherish their attendance at this event

Book Early for an assured Rickshaw. email your request to info@panoramaindia.org
You can showcase culture, exhibit creative talents in decoration and Recognize members of your community.
Cultural Program
Cultural Program by various community organizations and cultural schools will be showcased from 1.30 AM to 5 PM. Program consists of Excellent Folk Dances of India, Classical Dances, Bhangra, Fusion, Bollwood and many more
Headliner Program
at 5 PM
An excellent Kuchupudi dance performance by 
Radhika Taneja and Maghana Mulpuri
at 5:15 PM
Internationally known singer “Parichay
will entertain the Torontonians for a bash of
Bollywood and Punjabi songs.
Feel free to dance if the tune tickles you


The tastiest Indian food from many states of India will be available for sale
Explore the variety of North Indian, South Indian snacks, dishes and international food
Hot Masala Dosa, Idli Vada Sambar, Samosa, Chole, Chat, Gulab Jamoon, Burgers and more
For children PopCorn, Cotton Candy, Slush, Fries and many more
Enjoy the corn, coconut water, Sugarcane Juice, fresh fruit juice etc
Food for every one, children adults and seniors

Enjoy shopping a variety of  exquisite Indian Jewellery from the Stalls  while at YDS
This is that one day in a year you get to meet all the fellow Indians under one roof
Make the best out of it. Bring kids and seniors.
ITS YOUR DAY TO CELEBRATE. Make it memorable
Looking forward to meet you all at YDS
Panorama India
Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy


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