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Lebanese Wedding Custom in Multicultural Toronto.  Copyright ©2014 Ruth

Lebanese Wedding Custom in Multicultural Toronto. Copyright ©2014 Ruth

It’s refreshing to read an enthusiastic article about culturally-diverse Toronto that only gives Mayor Ford one sentence. Francine Prose likes our restaurants better than those of New York City. In her February 28 New York Times article, she says “I notice racially and ethnically mixed groups of friends even more often than I do in New York neighbourhoods celebrated for their diversity.”

 Better still, if you look closely at her Toronto’s Ethnic Buffet, she’s mentioned a link to www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com .

 It’s nice getting the international recognition. I hope it means that Tourism Toronto will mention our web-site too, which so far – to our knowledge — it hasn’t. Other cities like Denver in Colorado have listed ethnic events in their promotional literature for years and Denver only has a 3% Asian population. Tourism Toronto doesn’t even mention our beautiful Tibetan, Chinese and Indian temples, our Asian bridal shows, and our very interesting Halal and British shows.   

 Do you think the information in our calendar and blog is helpful for tourists to Toronto? We do get readers from all over the world. Most are from Canada, Many are from the U.S. We have hits from Moldova, Hong Kong, Oman, Denmark, the U.K, etc. I hope Tourism Toronto will see that our diversity is a major draw for visitors and promote our calendar too.

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  1. Great publicity for Toronto’s eating places, among other interesting items of interest. Also good that your link in the New York Times is note-worthy…

  2. Congratulations Ruth! They indeed should mention it, since it is very useful for any multicultural lover, even a tourist visiting for a few days.

    I haven’t found any equivalent, sincerely.

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