468. Foreign Encounters and Toronto’s Diversity 2014

Courtesy Foreign Encounters

 We want to share this beautifully-executed art project with you. Thanks Alexandra. Ruth.

 Alexandra Hong writes:

 FOREIGN ENCOUNTERS is a Toronto-based art project that asks Torontonians to share their own accounts and stories on their “diversity” experiences and the results have been surprising and eye-opening. 

 With WorldPride and the 2015 Pan Am Games at our heels, Toronto is gaining more international traction as a city proud of its diversity. However, when we asked young Torontonians what diversity means to them, we discovered honest and uncensored responses that challenged the typical portrayal of “diversity”.

 The stories and photos can be found at the link: www.foreignencounters.ca

 Participants of the project are available to discuss their experiences in further detail.

 Please contact myself, Alexandra Hong at 647-209-1539 or email me at alexandra.hong@ryerson.ca for more information.


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