510. UNITY Dance and Song Competition – 2014

Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

September 13. 6pm.
TCPC President, Tsewang Dorjee is promoting a fund-raiser for Tibetan student scholarships in Nepal, India and Tibet. It is at the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre (TCCC), 40 Titan Road, Toronto. His email is: tcpc_on@yahoo.com

Seven Tibetan organizations will be competing for cash prizes and trophy with songs and dances.
1. TCCC’s Lhamo Rukhag
2. Students for a Free Tibet (SFT)
3. Namgyal Alumni Toronto (NAT)
4. Tehor Kyidug
5. Mussoorie Alumni Association Toronto
6. TCCC’s Gyashe
7. Kongpo Kyidug

The prizes for the competition are as follows
1st Prize: $1000 and trophy
2nd Prize: $500 and trophy
3rd Prize: $300 and trophy

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