455. Burmese New Year, Muslim Kids Bazaar, Mongolian Visitor – 2015

2015 Burmese new year

Ruth writes: Where else but in Multicultural Toronto would you have the opportunity to go to such interesting events! The annual Burmese one is one of my personal favourites: colourful dances, delicious food, friendly people. The Mongolian one features a Mongolian adventurer whose throat singing you’ve already heard in our YouTube video:  http://youtu.be/wYqotfjY0MM. Now he’s finally arrived in Toronto eager to share his travel stories (and sing!), Marco Polo in reverse.

Then there’s the wonderful Muslim Kids’ Bazaar where youngsters learn how to be entrepreneurs by learning how to sell. This is more than lemonade stands. You’ll be amazed.  Mark your calendars.  Read on.


2015 Mongolia 1700669




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