493. Free Folk Dancing Music Material – 2015

Reva Goodman writes:  
I taught folk dancing in Toronto for many years... I have a 
LARGE collection of material Albums, Records...lp's and 45's, 
tapes, a mixture from all countries.... a lot of Israeli. 
Also, many instructions booklets and papers.  
Just letting them sit in the basement, I feel, may cause damage....
These are very precious and close to my heart, as I am 
sure they would be for other teachers and devoted dancers in 
Toronto. I am offering them to anyone who is interested.
They are welcome to come and view and take home anything 
of interest.... I am not asking for any money, but, they need
to pick them up. Many thanks.
Reva Goodman. Call for appointment. h. 416-491-0344. 
c. 647-296-0344. Spread the news.

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