536. Chrysanthemum Shows Open October 11 & November 1, 2015

What do flowers have to do with Multicultural Toronto?  This Blog is not just concerned with folk dancing groups and multi-faith issues.  We also want to remind or tell you about some of Toronto’s cultural traditions like New Year’s Day Levees and Remembrance Day (Nov. 11: http://bit.ly/1LdcVqZ). The most beautiful, relaxing, and of interest of these are our city’s flower shows and they are free. Visit them as close to opening day as possible when the plants are at their best.

We have also been trying to inform you about gatherings of different cultural groups that other Torontonians can join. These include demonstrations and rallies where you can talk with participants about issues that concern them and probably the rest of us. Attempting to make us think have been the Sex Education rally in Thorncliffe Park and demonstrators on both sides of the Palestine-Israeli conflicts. I was amazed that an NDP candidate had never heard about the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. The upcoming Holocaust Education Week is November 2-9 and has films and talks with Holocaust survivors. For its 52 page program guide, see: http://holocaustcentre.com/HEW).  We’ve also recently posted a blog about helping Syrian refugees. Just continue scrolling down this page.

The Chrysanthemum Shows are at Allan Gardens (Carlton St. between Jarvis and Sherbourne)  and Centennial Park. Forget about the world’s troubles for an hour  and smell the flowers.

2015 mum show



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