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547. Holocaust Education Week Nov. 2-9, 2015

I first learned about the Holocaust as a student at the University of Toronto in the 1950s. Fellow students, my friends, showed me the red dots and the numbers tattooed on their arms. They related how they had to change their names and their identities to save their lives.  They talked about their families and how the Nazis slaughtered them in the 1930s and 1940s.

It is tragic indeed that human beings need to have some other group to attack, some other people who have different cultures, languages, religions, whatever. They have to blame someone else for their own failings.  They cannot see how these differences can enrich their lives instead.

So we have to be reminded from time to time what humans are capable of doing so history won’t repeat itself.  Coming up next month is the annual Holocaust Education Week with 100 free multidisciplinary programs across the GTA. Some of these events should be conveniently located for you. Search through: http://bit.ly/1GzWO6s.

For an interesting German film, there’s: http://bit.ly/1WgqUDk.There are also opportunities to hear Holocaust survivors tell you about their experiences. And you can  learn something about Auschwitz.

Dr. Mladen Vranic, Holocaust Survivor in Toronto. Copyright ©2014 Ruth Lor Malloy

Dr. Mladen Vranic, Holocaust Survivor in Toronto. Copyright ©2014 Ruth Lor Malloy





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