557. Laotian Festival November 29, 2015

I neglected to tell you about the Lao festival earlier this month but there’s another one coming up soon. The Tuckbath of Boon Phra Thatluang Festival is centred on the Phra Thatluang, a holy shrine and spiritual worshiping place in Vientiane, Laos that is pictured below. It is a symbol of  culture and art, inspired by the 15th century Kingdom of LaneXang. Its festival is the biggest Buddhist one in Laos.  And you can experience it in Toronto — well, Caledon.

Toronto’s Laotian community celebrates the festival at its beautiful temple at 9am on November 29.  Wat Lao Veluwanaram, 17969 Airport Road, Caledon East. Our earlier blog about a Laotian festival there is at: http://bit.ly/1G5zHh7.  I haven’t experienced the Tuckbath of Boon Phra Thatluang yet but I expect it will be similar with monks, shy friendly people, Buddhist rituals, food and fun. Prepare to sit on the floor.  If you go, let us know what you find. I can guarantee that you will feel like you are in Southeast Asia – except for the weather.

Phra Thatluang in Vientiane, Laos.

Phra Thatluang in Vientiane, Laos.






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