645. Blue Like Me – Jewish Film Festival – May 9, 2016

Just saw a fascinating trailer about the work of an artist born in Mumbai, India to a Jewish family. Her images combine Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, and Zoroastrian iconography. Her 28-minute film will be shown twice at the Jewish Film Festival May 9 and 10. The Festival itself goes from May 5 to 15.

Co-presented with Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. Blue Like Me: the Art of Siona Benjamin is beautifully multicultural in the Indian context. Blue, of course is the colour of Lord Krishna but there’s no mention of that in the trailer. The theme is “belonging everywhere and no where”. It is an attempt at “repairing the world”.  For the trailer, see: http://tjff.com/film-info.php?id=3672&sortby=title&filterby= .

For other Jewish Film Festival films, venues and dates: http://tjff.com/list-films.php?sortby=date. Do let me know if you like it.

Cover image courtesy Blue Like Me. the Art of Siona Benjamin. For announcements of events in multicultural Toronto, please follow  us #torontomulticul at Twitter.com. Or scroll down our list of recent blogs at www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com.

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