677. Please Follow Us on Twitter Before We Disappear – 2016

During the next few months, I will be out of the country for weeks at a time.  Some of my destinations will not have Wi-Fi availability nor will I have the opportunity to put together any blogs. Since many organizations only inform me about their events a week or even one day before, I won’t be able to pass information on to you about these many special opportunities that reflect Toronto’s cultural diversity. Can you believe that some organizations just send me dates, and force me to query them about times, and related website?

But I am not leaving you without your fix of Toronto’s free or nearly-free culturally-diverse events completely. I know some of you consult this blog daily.

To help keep you informed of many of Toronto’s affordable opportunities:

1. Definitely follow us on www.twitter.com/torontomulticul. Twitter will continue to briefly list all events in this blog plus other important ones I am able to post easily.

2. If you haven’t already, do subscribe to this blog. See top of this page. Our subscriber notices will tell you when our Blogs will appear. Please note that when I post more than one blog a day, the notice only mentions the most recent one.  Do scroll down for other events.

3.  Search for interesting events yourself. Take a look at our Blog that was posted when we could no longer organize daily events on an actual calendar.  We still can’t continue this calendar because it takes more time than we have.  But you can have notices sent to your inbox  by organizations like Harbourfront, Heritage Toronto, and the Korean Club, events you might find of particular interest to you. See: http://bit.ly/1Ptpfa4.

North American Pow Wow, Toronto. May 21, 2016. Image Copyright ©2016 Ruth Lor Malloy

North American Pow Wow, Toronto. May 21, 2016. Image Copyright ©2016 Ruth Lor Malloy

Our cover image was taken on May 15, 2016 at the Turban Up Sikh festival in Yonge-Dundas Square. Copyright ©2016 Ruth Lor Malloy.


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