695. Irish events in Toronto – July 2016.

Ever hear of Hurling? I never did until I was in Ireland recently. Well, it’s played on Saturday afternoons at Centennial Park in Mississauga too. You can see it on July 23 when the Toronto Irish Cultural Society (416-724-7887) and the Toronto GAA hold a joint fun day at Centennial Park.  You can see hurling then, as well as races, Tug of War, and other Irish entertainment.

Hurling is the Irish national game and is like field hockey. It is said to be over 3000 years old. You can learn about the fun day and other Irish events in Toronto from Maureen Oleary’s newsletter. Contact her at moleary2001@rogers.com. And look for a hurling stick at the next St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Our photo is from a poster taken last month in an ice cream parlor in Ireland.

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