735. To Our Subscribers – March, 2017.

Sorry to miss reminding you about the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and other exciting events in Multicultural Toronto.

I’m typing this with my eyes closed.  I’m one of the tiny percentage of people whose cataract surgery left  an  eye worst than before the operation. I can’t work for long on a computer and I don’t know when I can be back to normal again. Ten or so minutes at a time is much too short a period to research the many multicultural events in Toronto.

So this is just to tell you, my precious subscribers, that I will only be able to post a minimal number of blogs until my eyes become workable again. Expect mainly posters of events. As usual, they will be of free or nearly-free events expressive of Toronto’s cultural diversity.

Organizers of events should send posters to me at ruthlormalloy@gmail.com.  Comments can be made in the space below.  I’ll be back in full swing as soon as I am able. In the meantime, I’m catching up on my sleep, thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Year of the Rooster sleep mask.  Ruth.




  1. Dear Ruth Thanking you for all the wonderful posts you have given us over the years. You deserve a rest to catch up on your sleep.

    I wish you all the patience and strength you wish to get you through this trying time. And of course a speedy recovery if that is possible.

    Arigatou gozaimashita Anne

  2. All the best for a quick recovery! Yours is one of the few emails I open. It is always interesting. The world needs more people like you Ruth.

  3. Get thee well soon, Ruth! (Interesting that the photo of you with the sleep mask shows up in the email, but I don’t see it here…?)

  4. Thanks for all you do. I look forward to receiving your multicultural eMails. Here’s hoping that Spring (the equinoctial time of New Year in many cultures and faiths around Toronto) will reinvigorate us all along our own paths of progress, and that material well-being follows in harmonious proportion to our spiritual goal of celebrating unity in diversity in the Greater Toronto Area. Take care of your eyesight. Your readers will exercise patience as you recover.

  5. Ruth – please take care of your eyes! We want your multicultural vision to survive. Your faithful subscribers are very understanding. I love the rooster mask. Love and healing prayers to you and to Mike.

  6. Thanks friends. I am being careful. I stop working on my computer when my eyes get tired. Will probably postpone the operation on my other eye. Do take care of your eyes too. They are delicate and precious. Ruth

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