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776.  Affordable Events Aug. 17-21 in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

Here are a few of the many free or nearly-free events expressive of Multicultural Toronto this week. It would be nice if all of

772.  July 27 – August 6. Affordable Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

Take your pick. An Asian night market or a stimulating ride on the nostalgic Freedom Train? How about a ceremony lighting up the CN

763. June 20-28 and Beyond. Affordable Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

These are just a few of the many events this week expressing Toronto’s famous diversity. The problem will be choosing where you want to

699. November 2-7, 2016 Events in Multicultural Toronto

Here are a few of the many events in our city that reflect our multiculturalism. Tell your friends about them. Subscribe to our newsletter

696. October 19-23 Events Reflective of Multicultural Toronto – 2016.

Halloween celebrations, revealing Inter-faith and First Nations history, Multicultural Israel and a charming Japanese film are among Toronto’s interesting, free or almost-free events in

690. Affordable Events This Week in Multicultural Toronto – Sept. 15-18, 2016

Here are some of the many free festivals and events this week that are reflective of Multicultural Toronto. They are all open to the

681. East Chinatown Goes Multicultural – 2016

Toronto’s East Chinatown should look even more multicultural by the end of August if all goes well. Twenty-one professional painters are currently working on

545. Mexico’s Day of the Dead and Jack Layton – 2015

Mexico’s Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is on or around the same day as Halloween. It too has skeletons and skulls but

540. Mexico: From the Baroque to the Contemporary – October 17, 2015

Mexico’s music isn’t just Mariachi bands. This Saturday, at 7:30pm, the Monarca Ensemble (Paulina Derbez, Naomi Barrón, and María Rosales) will launch the “Contemporary

521. Mexican Tragedy Comes to Toronto – 2014

Ruth writes: I was curious about the 7A*11D Festival of Performance Art last Sunday. Never having been to a performance art performance, I wasn’t