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868. Affordable Events April 8-15+ in Multicultural Toronto – 2019.

Update: Please note information on Rwanda commemoration below on April 10, added after we first published this blog.  Most of us have a lot

830. July 6–16+ Caribbean Carnival, Carabram, Halal Fest, Kalayaan, etc. – 2018.

Different cultural events are in profusion all over Multicultural Toronto now and those listed here are free or almost free unless you want to

782. September 6-11 Affordable Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

A charming Celtic festival in a park and Chinese dragon boat races with multi-racial crews; Ethiopian-Canadians showcasing their world and food; a launch of

750. April 10-17 – Easter, Passover, S.E. Asian New Year, Korea – 2017

Spiritual services and fun secular events are on this week in Multicultural Toronto. You can ask your neighbours if you can join them. There’s

624. Songkran Thai Water Festival – April 10 and 11, 2016

The only place I’ve found so far where you can get wet in the Thai Songkran way is at a restaurant in downtown Toronto.

456. India’s Colourful Holi & Thailand’s Wet Songkran Festivals – 2015

Ruth writes: Toronto’s multicultural community was out celebrating spring and a new year with a vengeance this past weekend. Fortunately the weather cooperated. The

502. Pictures of Laotian Summer Festival 2014

Ruth writes: I must admit I went largely because I was curious. Why would a Laotian temple — which has large grounds of its

462. A Feast for Monks in the Thai Temple – 2014

  I met Yoke at a festival in a Laotian temple last November. She invited me to the Thai temple where she cooks for

297. Aug. 23-26 Affordable Multicultural Events Toronto

    We have a full weekend of free or nearly-free cultural events that show off Toronto’s diversity. It starts on Thursday morning with