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750. April 10-17 – Easter, Passover, S.E. Asian New Year, Korea – 2017

Spiritual services and fun secular events are on this week in Multicultural Toronto. You can ask your neighbours if you can join them. There’s

624. Songkran Thai Water Festival – April 10 and 11, 2016

The only place I’ve found so far where you can get wet in the Thai Songkran way is at a restaurant in downtown Toronto.

456. India’s Colourful Holi & Thailand’s Wet Songkran Festivals – 2015

Ruth writes: Toronto’s multicultural community was out celebrating spring and a new year with a vengeance this past weekend. Fortunately the weather cooperated. The

502. Pictures of Laotian Summer Festival 2014

Ruth writes: I must admit I went largely because I was curious. Why would a Laotian temple — which has large grounds of its

462. A Feast for Monks in the Thai Temple – 2014

  I met Yoke at a festival in a Laotian temple last November. She invited me to the Thai temple where she cooks for

297. Aug. 23-26 Affordable Multicultural Events Toronto

    We have a full weekend of free or nearly-free cultural events that show off Toronto’s diversity. It starts on Thursday morning with

  As single-culture festivals go, the Thai New Year Songkran this past Sunday was as perfect as they get. If you missed it this

From now until the end of April, multicultural Toronto will be celebrating Orthodox Easter, and the Sikh’s Khalsa Day Parade. Passover continues until April