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899. Affordable Events February 12 – 29 in Multicultural Toronto – 2020.

Don’t let the cold stop you from exploring the world in Toronto. Just be aware that some events could get cancelled. Be sure to

849. November 11-18+ Affordable Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2018.

How many living worldwide cultures can you find in Toronto during this period? Prolific are Toronto’s Remembrance Day events reflective of mainly European and

830. July 6–16+ Caribbean Carnival, Carabram, Halal Fest, Kalayaan, etc. – 2018.

Different cultural events are in profusion all over Multicultural Toronto now and those listed here are free or almost free unless you want to

766. July 4 to 13. Events in Affordable Multicultural Toronto – 2017

Dancing is one of my favourite ice-breakers, a great opportunity for fans of Multicultural Toronto to meet other people. It’s healthy too. You can

764. 1000 Sri Lankan Dancers and 150 Singers. June 24, 2017

I just received the poster for this free, exciting Sri Lankan Canada 150 event for Saturday, June 24. Ruth. Save

726. Two Free Tickets to Irish Show at Sony Centre – March 17, 2017

I was in Ireland last year hoping to experience genuine Irish music in its home country. Alas, I only found it in pubs that

693. Major Japanese Events – July 3, 9, 10 and 23, 2016

  Several important Japanese events are on this month. Thanks to P. Anne Winter and Linda Malloy for telling us about them and sending

641. England’s Morris Dancers – May 1, 2016

They appear every year starting shortly after dawn in High Park near the restaurant on May Day. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get there by

Lunar New Year Celebration Scarborough – February 7, 2016

Scarborough Civic Centre won’t have its big lunar New Year celebration this year, but Chinese performers will be at the Scarborough Civic Centre on

Ruth writes: It was billed as a “Multicultural Show” hosted by the “Youth Council”. I’m always keen to find out about different expressions of