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454. Identifying Flags from Nevruz Countries in Toronto – 2015

Ruth writes: I especially wanted to go to one of my favourites, the Nevruz Spring Festival at the Nile Academy. This festival is great

418. Diwali/Deepavali November 4 in Toronto 2013

    I hope you will save November 4 for that very special Hindu festival, Diwali. For people new to Indian culture and Hinduism,

393. Tanabata Natsu Matsuri Obon Festivals 2013

    P. Anne Winter writes:   In Toronto we are fortunate to have at least two very different celebrations of these combined festivals.

385. Report on Toronto’s First Portuguese Bull Fight Festival 2013

    I must admit it was exciting. The horses ridden by the cavaleiro and caveleira were magnificent, obviously trained in dressage. They swerved

374. May 25-26, 2013. Iran, Doors Open, Carassauga, Germany, Buddhism, China, the World

   This weekend has so many exciting events that I haven’t been able to mention all of them in You’ll find: The Iranian

The Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre (TCCC) in Etobicoke has made some changes since Losar last year. It looks like things are getting better for

357. How Did I Celebrate Chinese New Year Day?

  I spent four hours, yes, four hours, at Chinatown Centre on Spadina on February 10. The band from HMC Ship York started the

356. Scarborough Town Centre Chinese New Year.

Gloria Spoden writes, “I was at Scarborough Town Centre this weekend and this is what I saw.  Happy New Year everyone.” Thanks for sharing

355. Yesterday’s LunarFest at Harbourfront

Many Chinese New Year celebrations are aimed at Toronto’s Chinese. Harbourfront’s LunarFest is for everybody and it’s entirely in English. It’s participatory. You can

Lucky Tatar children. Three Santa Clauses showed up to give them gifts at the Tatar Old New Year party this past weekend. Of course