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Jing Yin Temple. Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Jing Yin Temple. Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

 This weekend has so many exciting events that I haven’t been able to mention all of them in www.torontomulticularcalendar.com. You’ll find: The Iranian Heritage festival at the ROM, the Carassauga festival in Mississauga, and Doors Open all over the city. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to all if any of them, so it would be great if you could send me reports on those you get to. Pleeze…

 These are all great opportunities to experience the different cultures in Toronto. Most of them are inexpensive. Doors Open is free. Carassauga charges each adult $12 for all three days. The problem is choosing which to go to. My calendar has web-sites with long lists from which to pick. No matter how hard you try, no one can see all 150 buildings available through Doors Open, or all 72 cultures offered by Carassauga. The number you do see depends on their times, locations, your transportation, and how good their schedules are. Then there’s the weather.

 Thanks to Catherine Macdonald, I learned about the new Chinese Jing Yin Temple at 722 Brimley Road. I drove out for a look this week, and it’s beautiful – a wonderful addition to Toronto’s many spectacular religious buildings. It’s on the Door Open list along with many other not-to-be-missed opportunities. You can get inside some buildings for a look and ask questions: http://bit.ly/JXF0of .

Jian Ghomeshi. Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

I love the ROM’s Iranian Heritage Day, its music and dance performances. Last year, I was awed by the incredible Azerbaijani dancer Sashar Zarif. I also saw CBC’s talented Jian Ghomeshi there. He was M.C. I went on to read Ghomeshi’s brilliant memoir “1982” and even looked up a blog on his love life. See: http://www.whorrified.ca/2013/03/deconstructing-jian-ghomeshis-je-ne.html. If you can get past that blog, do look up our 2012 blog at: http://bit.ly/14uqH1h . I can’t guarantee that these attractive people will be there this year, but you can be sure, there will be others.

Carassauga, Philippine Pavillion. Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Carassauga, Philippine Pavillion. Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

As for Carassauga, please look up our reports with advice from 2011 and 2012: http://bit.ly/16KY308 and http://bit.ly/14uqH1h It will give you an idea of the problems of trying to take in as many cultures as possible. I really enjoyed the Filipinos and the Hawaiians.

Hawaiians at Carassauga. Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

Hawaiians at Carassauga. Copyright ©2013 Ruth Lor Malloy

 There’s been no time to list the Spring Festival At The German International School Barbecue. I’ll try to mention it in our Calendar but if I can’t, it offers a beer garden, games, and jumping castle. 11 am-4 pm. Free. 585 Cranbrooke. Www.gistonline.ca . All are welcome.

 Intriguing is the Toronto International Jewellery Festival Exhibitions of jewellery and metal arts at a big long list of museums, galleries and shops. It’s free. Look at www.tijf.info . It will go on until the end of this month.

 On Sunday is Buddha’s Birthday Peace Walk In High Park. There’s group walking meditation in the Buddhist tradition. It’s at 2 pm and free. High Park subway, 416-604-5711.

 Pedestrian Sundays start this weekend in multicultural Kensington Market with music, street theatre and streets closed to traffic. Noon-7 pm. Augusta and College, www.pskensington.ca .

The choice is yours.


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