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Co-author Ratna Omidvar has been collecting interviews with refugees to Canada and their descendants from 1812 to Afghanistan. North York Central Library. December 16.

566. Resources for Those Helping Syrian & Other Refugees – December, 2015.

The Information Fair for Sponsors of Syrian Refugees brought out several hundred people to Toronto City Hall earlier this week. Many were eager to

Will Syrian refugees be coming to your neighbourhood?  If so, how can you help? To find out, try asking your Toronto city councillor.  For

562. Hosting a Family of Newcomers Like Syrian Refugees at Christmas – 2015

“I’d like to host a family of newcomers at Christmas,” wrote reader Tracey recently, “but can’t seem to find an organization that handles this.

Thanks to Jenny Cafiso of Canadian Jesuits International and to others for telling us about this event.  The humanitarian response to the Syrian Crisis: