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514. British Culture in Toronto – 2015

Ruth writes: Yes, we have lots of British culture in Toronto.  Coming up is a concert of Cornish Music. Every May Day and Labour Day, Morris Dancers liven up the city. At least twice a month, you can learn English country dancing Jane Austin style. See.  http://torontoenglishdance.ca/.  We have Scottish dances as well.  We have Robbie Burns Day complete with haggis and a Robbie Burns statue. One of our most popular events is the British Isles Show.  http://www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com/2015/07/14/494-update-on-the-british-isles-show-2015/. And there’s much more.


513. Korean Harvest Festival August 29 & 30, 2015

Ruth writes: This is one of my favourite festivals because it is well organized, and I love Korean food. For our previous blogs about this festival at Mel Lastman Square, click on: http://www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com/2013/09/17/414-fusion-food-at-korean-ukrainian-festivals.  For a schedule of events at this year’s festival, see: KoreanHarvestFest.com.

There are other cultural goodies besides food.  Look for its Singing Contest, Talent Show, Arm Wrestling and Ddakgichigi Competition.  In the past, I’ve found Korean-made goods at discount prices.  Bring some money.

2015 korean harvest fest

This is but one of many events expressive of multicultural Toronto this weekend. The best of the world is in Toronto. Enjoy it.

512. Multicultural Youth Event in Scarborough – August 28, 2015

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Ruth writes: It was billed as a “Multicultural Show” hosted by the “Youth Council”. I’m always keen to find out about different expressions of multicultural Toronto and I hadn’t heard of this event before. The organizers didn’t have pictures that indicated the flavour of the program nor did they have a website about it. It sounded inexperienced but intriguing. I asked to attend a rehearsal.

The youth were about 13-18 years old. What did they consider “culture”? They had heritage roots in such countries as Finland, England, Nepal, Italy, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad. Most were born in Canada but the Finn knew no Finnish. The “Native American” didn’t know which First Nations her ancestors had come from. This was no surprise; it is so typical of many Canadian young people.

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

The performances I saw were reggae and hip hop. Youth Outreach Worker Sabrina Novello-Cheatley is of Italian heritage. She will be performing a belly dance. And there appears to be other cultural items as well.

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

The event is also multicultural because for $1, it is offering French baguettes, jerk chicken, and nachos and salsa from Spain. Food is both donated and home-made. There will be a fashion show too. I took pictures of some of the performers, trying my best to understand and appreciate these cultures I know so little about. (I was brought up on Beethoven, Gershwin and ching ming.)  I won’t be able to go but it’s worth a visit to find out what our young people are doing.  The venue is close to the Victoria Park subway station at 63 Pharmacy Ave. It is easy to get to.

Sophia from Guyana.  Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Sophia from Guyana. Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

It is also one of many opportunities we have to enjoy Toronto’s diverse cultures for free or nearly-free. If you go to this one, you might discover  some new talent.

You can find  more multicultural events by asking your neighbours about their cultural festivals and events. Hopefully, they will take you with them.

2015 Community centre 003

511. Free Scarborough Afro-Carib Fest – this weekend 2015

Ruth writes: the Afro-Carib Fest is at the Scarborough Centre Subway Station. It looks like fun,  is easy to get to, and it’s free. For more information and pictures from previous years, click on: www.scarboroughafrocaribfest.com.

The CNE starts this weekend too – don’t forget the performances in its International Pavilion. Included this year are Chilean and Bollywood dances as well as the beautiful Yate group with its Chinese dances that wowed us in previous years.  The Iranian Tirgan Festival is at Harbourfront, the Kurds are at Mel Lastman Square, and there’s a lot more. 


510. Bloodless Portuguese-style Bull-fighting – 2015

Controversial Portuguese-style bull fighting with live bulls came close to the GTA this weekend where it is forbidden. The bull are not killed nor pierced. Spears are attached with velcro.

You can decide for yourself whether this is animal cruelty – any more than keeping a cat in an apartment all day or allowing the family bully from teasing a dog. The sport is popular especially among our neighbours from the Portuguese islands of the Azores and Madeira. It is dying out in other parts of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

For an account and pictures of last weekend’s event in Brampton from the Globe and Mail, see: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/bullfighting-in-brampton-ontario-results-in-just-a-few-scrapes-and-bruises-for-man-and-bull/article25988583

Bull fighting was allowed at Downsview Park in Toronto in 2013 when that park was federal, not municipal. For our blog about that spectacular event that came complete with prancing horses and a beautifully-attired cavaleiro and cavaleira from Portugal, click on:

http://www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com/2013/06/04/377-portuguese-bullfighting-in-torontos-downsview-park/ and http://www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com/2013/06/21/385-report-on-torontos-first-portuguese-bull-fight-festival-2013/ .

For current and future bull fighting events in Dundalk and Cambridge Ontario, see: http://www.soletoiros.ca/.

Downsview Park Bullfight 2013. Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Downsview Park Bullfight 2013. Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Downsview Park Bull Fight 2013. Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Downsview Park Bull Fight 2013. Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

507. India Day Festival Sunday August 16, 2015

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Ruth writes: People from different Indian states gather together to parade down Yonge Street in an informal parade. In Yonge-Dundas Square there will be music, speeches, and a market place.  For schedule, see below.

India Day capture-20150811-180540

11:45am   Flag Hoisting & Remarks.

12:30pm-1:30pm  India Day Parade

10am-11:30am Patriotic Songs

11:30am. Invocation Dance.  (Tepash Debnath – International Kathak Dancer from Kolkata)

2pm-5:30pm Cultural Performances

5:30pm-6pm Fashion Show

6:30pm-8pm. Shirsha Chakorborty (Winner of Voice Storm Shankar Mahadevan Realitiy Show accompanied by Live Mehboob Band)

10am-8pm. Food & Vendor Bazaar

For more information click on: http://www.panoramaindia.org/.

This is but one of many opportunities we have to enjoy Toronto’s diverse cultures for free or nearly-free. You can find  more by asking your neighbours about their cultural festivals and events. I learned about this one from Banu in my gym class. You can also find others in our previous year’s Calendar above which gives websites. Look in our Archives, and in http://www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com/2015/05/01/461-how-to-find-free-or-nearly-free-multicultural-events-in-toronto-2015/.  Subscribe to our Newsletter above.  Though they don’t give information about the smaller, but still interesting events, look up websites like: https://nowtoronto.com/search/event/all/#  and http://events.seetorontonow.com/.  Read the Toronto Star on Thursdays.  Have fun. Learn about your fellow Torontonians.