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675. Peruvian Festival July 30 – 2016

Peru’s National Day was July 28. The 5° Mega festival Peruano is Saturday, July 30. 6pm-2am. $25-$35. 30 artists from Peru, the U.S., Montreal

674. August 1, 5, 6 and 8. Yo Yo Ma Multicultural Music Film – 2016.

Yo Yo Ma’s film Music of Strangers is about master musicians from around the world playing together and making great new music together. The

672. July 29-August 1 Weekend in Multicultural Toronto – 2016.

We have primarily Caribbean events but also African, African-Canadian, Laotian, Filipino, and Polynesian festivals. Please let us know of any more gems in free

672. CAMH presents “Where Therapy Meets Vodou” – July 28, 2016

We know it as voodoo and associate it with mysterious, spooky practices,  but CAMH, our Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, is presenting a

671. Asian-Canadians Support Black Lives – 2016

It’s great to see some Asian-Canadians reaching out to support Black Lives. The Chinese-Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter recently told us about a letter

670. Belgian National Day Celebration – July 26, 2016.

The only Belgium event in town seems to be the monthly Frites Night. This month it’s Tuesday, July 26 at the Prenup Pub, 191

699.  July 21-24 Weekend Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2016

Acadian, Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, Greek, Muslim, Persian, Tamil and other free or nearly-free culturally-diverse events are on this weekend! Acadian and Afro-Nova Scotian Sounds

698. Film & Discussion Muslim 3 Seconds Divorce – July 19, 2016

Thanks to Noor for informing us about this controversial event. Ruth. Save Save

697. Free or Nearly-free Weekly Multicultural Music Events – Summer, 2016

It’s not too late to enjoy music outdoors, much of it from around the world or performed by people originating elsewhere. A couple of

696. Weekend Events in Multicultural Toronto –  July 14 -17, 2016

African, British, Chinese, Franco-Fete, Indian, Mexican, South Asian, Tamil, and Tatar events this weekend in Toronto. Someone asked me for a list of Chinese