120. More on Whirling Dervishes

Dervish. Image©Ruth Lor Malloy 2011

On April 16, we posted a blog about discovering Whirling Dervishes in Toronto. See No. 107. Known to many as a dance form from the Middle East, we discovered it was actually a form of meditation and a religious tradition.

On May 7, there will be another opportunity to learn about these sacred dances. Attenders will be able to see a demonstration of “turning” by real dervishes, and experience the various movements themselves. You can also learn the theory behind them.  The organizers of the seminar asked us to post the following information:

Have you ever thought about the purpose of your Being or what is true in this world? Or are you already on the path and in search of it?

We invite you for a special day of Dynamic Mindfulness and Spiritual Soul Development in the traditions of the Masters of Wisdom: Rumi and Gurdjieff. 

Join the Toronto Rumi Whirling Dervishes and Gurdjieffian Sacred Temple Dancers. Experience the turning to the heart and ancient sacred temple dancing, lectures, discussions and meditations on the purpose of life. Learn about new approaches to developing presence and enlightenment through mindfulness in action and embodiment.

Sacred Dances also known as Gurdjieff Movements find some of their origins in ancient traditions such as: Sufi, Tibetan, ancient eastern Christian dancing, yoga and a variety of other wisdom traditions.

The practices of Sufi wisdom, whirling, zikr, multi-faith meditation, Gurdjieff movements and 4th way spiritual psychology all provide an incredible depth of personal transformation and a solid framework to freeing oneself to transform unnecessary suffering and to illuminate one’s inner life.

Enjoy this presentation, and join demonstration classes that are accompanied by Classical Asian Music with Persian Daff Drum. Saturday, May 7, 1:30-5:30pm. Multi-Faith Centre, University of Toronto, 569 Spadina Ave. Second Floor,  Main Hall.  Fee:by donation. 

For more information on monthly seminars and regular weekly classes: 416.533.3505, gurdjieffmovements@bell.net or, whirlingdervishclasses@bell.net, www.gurdjieff-bennett-canada.ca . Please RVSP

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