448. British Isles show – 2015

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Copyright ©2015 Ruth Lor Malloy

Ruth writes: Yes, we’ve been emailing British organizations in Toronto about this year’s British Isles Show. Only Ayesha Zahidi of the British Council has answered, bless her. She suggested we look up Totally British Magazine which is based in British Columbia. It would probably advertise there, she wrote.

We didn’t find an advertisement but we did learn about the similarly-sounding Totally British Festival to be in Hamilton on May 16 and 17. It seems to have everything that made the British Isles show so popular in Toronto – but not a Coronation Street star. Readers desperate for a British-fix can keep it in mind until we find out about a Toronto show. The Totally British Festival is on: http://www.totallybritishmagazine.com/home. Please let us know if you find information about the Toronto show. Email us at: ruthlormalloy@gmail.com.

Our previous Blog about the British Isles show is on: https://www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com/2013/03/12/362-report-on-the-british-isles-show-2013.



  1. Hello Ruth,

    We are no longer producing the British Isles show for the owner.

    Apparently there are going to be two shows this year. One done by the British Newspaper and one done by the original owner. The later will be at the Zoomer show in October in Toronto.
    All the best,Vicki. Vicki Dillane, General Manager, Premier Publications & Shows.

  2. Yes, the British Isles Show planned for Spring was cancelled, so Totally British Magazine stepped in to offer the Totally British Festival, a weekend packed with British entertainment. It’s going to be brilliantly British, with traditional entertainment for all ages. There’s a car show, Morris dancers, model trains, Punch and Judy show, British Invasion group, tom jones tribute, Robin Hood panto, brass band, bouncy castle, British food and booths. Emphasis on entertainment and comedy. Only $10 entry. See http://www.totallybritishfestival.org for more details

  3. Why is it always hard for the British show to come to Toronto. Every other show seems to get more advertising than the Brits. Strange.
    I am looking to see when and where there is British Isles show.
    I was there last year at the convention centre in Mississauga.
    Please let me know when the show will be here in Toronto.
    It seems that this show is strangely erased.Maybe we have become anti British here. Norman…………….

  4. My mom & I are so sad that we haven’t been able to find the British Isle show this year. We always went to the one in Mississauga, Ontario, and looked forward to it. They don’t even seem to be having any Coronation Street stars coming to do tours in Ontario any more. Previously, they’ve had Tyrone & Kirk at the Markham Theatre. I’ll keep checking this website to find news about anything.

  5. To: All British Isles Show visitors,
    The British Isles Show returns to Toronto in Toronto
    October 30th & 31st 2015. For further information,
    Contact : Brian Martin @ 416 948 9245.

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