719. January 28 Tamil Heritage Events – 2017

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  1. Afewerki Dagnew replied to this blog. “This year 2017 is the year H.E. Antonio Guterres was sworn in officially at the start of the New Year 2017, as the ninth Secretary General of the United Nations. The vision of H.E. Guterres’s Vision Speech described his devotion to crisis prevention and reconstruction of relationships to achieve peace, and at the end of his speech, he encouraged that everyone to make 2017 a year of peace.

    “This peace building mission is the top world priority and every one is invited to this Tamil Heritage Event on January 28 at 10:30am. in order to build strong and vibrant communities to make a difference in peace building and development initiative in Canada and around the world to end global poverty in working together.

    “The United Nations is encouraging to engage parliamentarians and individuals in Canada and around the world to help vulnerable communities and nations in order to end global poverty and help to implement the United Nations Big Agenda to save lives and nations in our time.

    “To this end, the United Social Good Speakers and Volunteers in Canada and around the world will be invited to launch global events through the support and coordination of the United Nations worldwide, and individuals and organizations are selected to contact the Federal Government of Canada to work with the United Nations to engage parliamentarians and individuals around the world to engage visionary leaders to help build the world through innovation.

    “The Amnesty International Toronto office and other venues are also selected to engage Neighborhood and Ethnic communities, and Parliamentarians in Canada and around the world to help implement the United Nations Peace and Development Initiative around the world through innovation.

    “Please contact me as soon as possible in order to connect individuals and organizations directly with the United Nations and with volunteers who connect communities and individuals in Toronto who are members of the UNA-USA in Canada.

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