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887.  Affordable Events October 7-25 in Multicultural Toronto – 2019

Our apologies for a gap in our listing of festivals and other events in our diverse city. What our server called a technical “attack”

876. Affordable Events June 13-30 in Multicultural Toronto – 2019

It’s Aboriginal History Month with lots of related events like pow wows, lacrosse, music, theatre, food. But we can do more than enjoy our

843. Affordable Events October 1-8 in Multicultural Toronto – 2018

Alas, some of the following events are already sold out, but at least mention of these can give you an idea of the popularity

785. September 29-October 1 in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

Are British Home Children a culture? The European Day of Languages certainly qualifies as having quite a few. Toronto continues to teem with multicultural

773. August 3-8. Affordable Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2017.

Here are a few happenings this week that could make you think you’re in Indian food heaven, musical Ireland, or the Caribbean with its

600. Public Lecture on New Ways to Stamp out Racial Profiling – Feb. 16,  2016

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is seeking new ways to stamp out an old and all too persistent problem – racial profiling. It is

576. New Year’s Traditions in Multicultural Toronto – 2015-2016.

Many of our cultural groups are bringing in the new year with very expensive gala parties. Among the cheaper or free celebrations are: December

500. Second Underground Freedom Train July 31, 2014

Ruth writes: Thanks to A Different Booklist, I learned today about Toronto’s Freedom Train. What a wonderful idea to commemorate not just Harriet Tubman,

416. Autumn Colours and Chrysanthemum Show 2013

    Flower shows and autumn leaf viewing are for many Toronto residents as much a tradition as the Ukrainian parade. For the Autumn

320. Chinese Canadian Women, 1923-1967 at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

  Black Creek Pioneer Village is expanding its definition of “pioneer.” Last evening, it opened a new exhibit: “They gave up themselves for the