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801. December 20-27 events in Multicultural Toronto -2017

Many of the following free events are indoors but some are out of doors during this Christmas period: a new ice rink to experience,

750. April 10-17 – Easter, Passover, S.E. Asian New Year, Korea – 2017

Spiritual services and fun secular events are on this week in Multicultural Toronto. You can ask your neighbours if you can join them. There’s

484. A Report with Videos of South Asia at the ROM 2014

Ruth writes: At the Royal Ontario Museum this past weekend, I found the South Asian Heritage Days especially fun, but for unexpected reasons. The

441. Christmas with Other Cultural Groups in Multicultural Toronto

    Toronto has lots of Christian churches, many of which are from other parts of the world. You might want to celebrate Christmas

402. Report and Video on Hindu Tamil Chariot Festival, 2013.

      The Tamil Chariot Festival last Sunday took us to South India and Sri Lanka for two hours. It was at the