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 P. Anne Winter writes:  Okinawa is an amazing group of over 160 islands at the southern tip of Japan. Because it is so close

397. Schedule First Toronto Japanese Summer Festival

    Sunday, July 28, 2013   10:00am to 10:00pm at Yonge-Dundas Square.   This festival is open to the public and free for

393. Tanabata Natsu Matsuri Obon Festivals 2013

    P. Anne Winter writes:   In Toronto we are fortunate to have at least two very different celebrations of these combined festivals.

387. Traditional Okinawa Ryuku Dance in Toronto

 P. Anne Winter writes:  Now for something different from our usual blogs. Here are videos to show you highly-accomplished traditional Ryukyu dancer Tomomi Mayaki.These

382. New Japanese Tao Sangha Buddhist Healing Centre

 P. Anne Winter writes: It is always exciting to find new cultural activities going on in Toronto. Such was the case when I checked out

371. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Bazaar May 4, 2013

P. Anne Winter writes: Every year I find I need to emphasize how popular this huge bazaar is. Do come early and bring family

  Japan has given us some wonderful cultural gifts and it just keeps on giving. If you’ve already looked at our blogs on Spotlight

P. Anne Winter writes: This is my third year writing about Japan’s spring festival for Toronto Multicultural Calendar. It probably won’t be my last.

355. Yesterday’s LunarFest at Harbourfront

Many Chinese New Year celebrations are aimed at Toronto’s Chinese. Harbourfront’s LunarFest is for everybody and it’s entirely in English. It’s participatory. You can

354. Spotlight on Japan in Full Samurai Strength

P. Anne Winter writes: Japanophiles can happily become saturated with the flurry of new events added to Spotlight on Japan. Between January 4 and April 25, it has at