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783. Affordable Events September 13-17 in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

Ever hear of a Kitchi Blanket, Bob Dylon, or Sufi Whirling? A fluvial parade in honour of the Virgin of Penafrancia at Bluffers Park

733. March 8-15 Affordable Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

Several important events originating in other parts of the world are celebrated in Toronto this month. Except for the pow wow, they won’t be

603. Middle Eastern Bridal Show  – February 20, 2016

I love wedding shows. They express the best of a culture, its fine art and creativity. At the same time, they show a culture’s 

602. Beit Zatoun’s Annual Open House & Rent Party – February 27, 2016

An evening of Middle Eastern sounds and flavours ~Sacra Terra – medieval vocal music Maryem Tollar, Shameema Soni, Alejandra Nunez and Andrea Kuzmich ~Near

581. Middle  Eastern and South Asian Supermarkets Adonis and Iqbal – 2016

Exploring our wonderful, giant, ethnic supermarkets is fun and free, but it’s dangerous because of the temptations,  especially in Adonis. This “multicultural” supermarket has

Folk music from Lebanon and Iran, stories from the Holy Land, poetry, and letter writing to political prisoners are among the topics this month

Dr Nader Hashemi  was born and raised in the GTA of Iranian immigrant parents. A graduate of the U of T, and currently Director

562. Hosting a Family of Newcomers Like Syrian Refugees at Christmas – 2015

“I’d like to host a family of newcomers at Christmas,” wrote reader Tracey recently, “but can’t seem to find an organization that handles this.

Thanks to Jenny Cafiso of Canadian Jesuits International and to others for telling us about this event.  The humanitarian response to the Syrian Crisis:

INVITATION | Asian Heritage Month Gala Performance of Asian Canadian Artists   TITLE: “SILK ROADS II – MONGOLIA: PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES, MUSIC AND DANCE FROM