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562. Hosting a Family of Newcomers Like Syrian Refugees at Christmas – 2015

“I’d like to host a family of newcomers at Christmas,” wrote reader Tracey recently, “but can’t seem to find an organization that handles this.

Thanks to Jenny Cafiso of Canadian Jesuits International and to others for telling us about this event.  The humanitarian response to the Syrian Crisis:

INVITATION | Asian Heritage Month Gala Performance of Asian Canadian Artists   TITLE: “SILK ROADS II – MONGOLIA: PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES, MUSIC AND DANCE FROM

466. Doors Open May 23 and 24 — 2015

Ruth writes: I look forward every year to the Doors Open opportunities coming up again this weekend. It gives me a chance to just

445. Middle East Sounds and Flavours Beit Zatoun – 2015

For lovers of Middle Eastern music and dance and supporters of Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St. near Bathurst Subway station. For this and other

482. My Typical Weekend in Multicultural Toronto 2014 (with video)

Ruth writes: Someone asked me the other day if I went to all the festivals in Toronto. Yikes! I once counted one year’s worth

461. A Report on a Muslim Womenpreneur Bazaar 2014

 Ruth writes:  I was annoyed when I entered the school room that housed what I thought was the Muslim Womenpreneur Spring Bazaar. I had