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July 4 & 5 Afrofest – 2015

        Ruth writes: This is one of the many free or almost-free diverse cultural events in multicultural  Toronto this weekend.  Enjoy!

From the Muhtadi Festival June 10 press release: June 13th & 14th, Woodbine Park where entry is FREE.    Toronto (Canada) – June 10,

Ruth writes: Our thanks to the Intercultural Dialogue Institute for sending us information about their Ramadan Friendship Dinners. During Ramadan, the Muslim month of

Ontario Folk Dance Association – 2015

Ruth writes: This major organization gives information about international folk dancing performances and participation in the province. Anybody interested in promoting their own folk

466. Doors Open May 23 and 24 — 2015

Ruth writes: I look forward every year to the Doors Open opportunities coming up again this weekend. It gives me a chance to just