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762. June 10-18 and Beyond. Events in Affordable Multicultural Toronto -2017

This week you’ll find events here that could bring together all kinds of people through a mutual love of art, books, family, food, health,

692. Ethiopia’s ESFNA Soccer Tournament & Cultural Festival- July 3 -9, 2016

Sorry we could not tell you about this important international Ethiopian event earlier. It starts July 3 but goes on to July 9. The

687. Dragon Boat Race Festival – June 18-19, 2016.

This event can be boring for spectators unless you have friends who are racing. I go to see how many boats have multiracial crews

Ruth writes: This is one of my favourite festivals because it is well organized, and I love Korean food. For our previous blogs about

486. Harriet Tubman Games This Weekend June 28 – 2015

Get into the PanAm spirit with Ontario’s own Harriet Tubman Games. For more information:  

503. Tai Chi and Chinese Dragons in Toronto with Video – 2014

Ruth writes: I made a quick dash downtown today at noon and was rewarded by two beautiful Chinese dragons dancing in the streets around

385. Report on Toronto’s First Portuguese Bull Fight Festival 2013

    I must admit it was exciting. The horses ridden by the cavaleiro and caveleira were magnificent, obviously trained in dressage. They swerved

  Levees have been a Canadian New Year tradition for hundreds of years. Toronto started them in 1968 to give citizens an opportunity to meet

337. Dec. 15-16 Free or Nearly-free Multicultural Toronto Events

This weekend Hanukkah, and the Christmas Flower Shows at Allan Gardens and Centennial Park continue. COBA has an open house with demo African dance

319. Toronto’s Free or Nearly-Free November 3-4, 2012 Multicultural Weekend

    This weekend, there’s Mexico’s Day of the Dead, an Asian festival, the annual Holocaust Education Week, and English country dancing. Most of