254. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Bazaar


Getas & zoris are among the items on sale. Copyright ©2012 Ruth Lor Malloy.

P. Anne Winter writes about this annual bazaar.

This wonderful event on May 5 can be full of surprises. You can find real bargains and a diversity of items. I once purchased a very fine light and beautifully-balanced chop sticks set from a famous maker. For embarrassingly little, I bought a handy Japanese-decorated set of three serving bowls.

For homeowners who are designing their first garden to those who need to replace worn artefacts, this bazaar can be a great spot to pick up just the item required. For me, it was 10 attractive and practical drinking glasses. For others, it may be kitchen or bathroom necessities. You can even find snow shovels and a large array of Christmas items.

This event has always had a fun silent auction of unique decorative items too.

It is wise to come early. It’s pure business until many super bargains have disappeared. Enjoy the large number of vendors who bring their goodies especially for this show. You’ll find everything from Japanese clothing to something you never knew existed.

Many shoppers head straight for the yummy baked goods or Japanese foods packaged to take home. The usual homemade and therefore tastier Japanese dishes are available for lunch. You’ll also find stir-fried noodles, a variety of sushi, and manju for dessert. Especially at this show, expect long line ups. After eating, you can look at the latest art exhibit or chat with staff about other events at this busy centre.

For details, click on: www.torontomulticulturalcalendar.com or http://jccc.on.ca/event/jccc-annual-bazaar/ .

copyright ©2012 P. Anne Winter


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